About us

TECH-K has been taking care of occupational health & safety since 2011 as a pioneer in developing user manuals. In the 14 years of operation, it has helped to certify over 2,500 machines and is proud to have worked with more than 150 satisfied customers. Presentation video

14 years
of operation
150 satisfied
2500 certified

TECH-K started in 2011 as a pioneer in developing user manuals.

We help companies that manufacture or operate machines to obtain the CE certification and marking for safe machinery.

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We are aware of the responsibility employers have in providing a safe environment for the work of their employees.

Our safety solutions today enable manufacturers and operators to manufacture their products on safe machines.

"According to official statistics, machinery, including single-purpose devices, conveyors and similar equipment, is the source of up to 25% of all serious work-related injuries."

Why us?

  • We will carry out the entire process of legalizing the machinery and obtaining the CE marking
  • 2500+ certified machines under our supervision
  • 150+ successful customer collaborations
  • CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking (TÜV NORD) logo tuv nord
  • CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV NORD) logo tuv nord

We are happy to welcome skilled people at TECH-K. Do you want to be part of our team? Send your CV to tech-k@tech-k.sk

What do our clients say about us?

The user manuals you have been creating for us are at an excellent professional level and in accordance with legal requirements. Your overall customer approach is very positive as well.

Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s.
Jozef Šuhaj New Project Planning

It’s a pleasure to cooperate with TECH-K. Agreed deadlines are met, the handover of documentation is smooth, and professional communication is of a high level. I consider your level of precision to be very high.

Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, s.r.o.
Peter Vavruš Planning Plant Construction

Your services are at an excellent level and based on an appropriate customer approach.

Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, s.r.o.
Jozef Bobot Process Engineer

TECH-K has drawn up the extensive and apt documentation for our employees. Overall communication about our requirements and the processing of documentation have been relatively fast performed on a high level of quality. Thanks for their professionalism.

Wienerberger slovenské tehelne, spol. s r. o.
Katarína Šuranová Security Technician

I am happy with the work of the firm TECH-K. They arrived and examined the system and the way in which it was operating. Subsequently, they have drawn up the documentation, which has been prepared very well in respect of the visual and technical aspects.

I.D.C. Holding, a.s.
Lukáš Dobrovodský Project manager

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