Machine certification has an exact procedure in accordance with relevant directives and standards. TECH-K will take care of the entire certification process, from the development of protection measures to the acquisition of the EC Declaration of Conformity and the CE Marking. Presentation video

  • New machines
  • Operated machines
  • Group of machines

Procedure for legalizing the machinery and obtaining the CE marking

Risk Assessment
  • identification and application of all relevant directives and harmonized standards
  • the directives govern the basic requirements that your products must meet
  • harmonized European standards are issued with reference to the applied directives and indicate the basic requirements using detailed technical terms
  • risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100, TNI ISO/TR 14121-2 includes
  • risk analysis (machine boundary determination, hazard identification, risk estimation)
  • risk assessment
  • safety assessment according to the minimum requirements of Directive 2009/104/EC for operating machinery
Safety Concept – Suggestions for Protective Measures
  • risk reduction using the integrated security principle – a 3-step approach
  • step 1 = priority level one – construction measures
  • step 2 = priority level two – safety protection or additional protective measures
  • step 3 = priority level three – user information
  • preparing a comprehensive design of protective measures to ensure machine safety that meets the essential requirements of the applicable directive
Safe Distance Measurement
  • verification of safe distance for the placement of the protective device from the hazardous area with respect to the speed of approaching human body parts according to EN ISO 13855
  • the manufacturer/operator must perform these measurements whenever technical measures to ensure machine safety are applied (optical beacons, twohand controls, safety mats, locking devices-limit switches, etc.)
Verification of Safety-related Parts of Control Systems
  • verification of the structural model of safety-related parts of control systems with performance level PL under EN ISO 13849-1
  • verification using the SISTEMA Software Assistant that enables modelling of the structure of the safetyrelated parts of control systems
  • the output is the verification of the PL≥PLr relation
Verification and Testing of Electrical Equipment of Machinery
  • verification and testing of electrical equipment of machinery according to EN 60204-1
  • expert inspections and technical testing (examinations) and checks of electrical equipment
  • inspection and testing of technical equipment to verify the safety of technical equipment in accordance with the safety and technical requirements
User Manual

preparation of a user manual for the machinery according to Directive 2006/42/EC and EN ISO 12100 with a clear graphic and textual writing structure and unique design

preparation of assembly instructions for partly completed machinery according to Directive 2006/42/EC and EN ISO 12100 with a clear graphic and textual writing structure and unique design

the manual contains all the information necessary for maintenance and servicing personnel with an emphasis on the safety of these people and machinery

technical translations of instructions to all world languages

printing of instructions

EC Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking

preparation of the EC Declaration of Conformity under Directive 2006/42/EC

preparation of the Declaration on the Integration of Partly Completed Machinery under Directive 2006/42/EC

providing the machinery with a production label containing the CE conformity marking

issue of an Expert Opinion by an authorized legal entity to verify the fulfilment of the requirements for the safety of technical equipment

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The user manuals you have been creating for us are at an excellent professional level and in accordance with legal requirements. Your overall customer approach is very positive as well.

Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s.
Jozef Šuhaj New Project Planning

It’s a pleasure to cooperate with TECH-K. Agreed deadlines are met, the handover of documentation is smooth, and professional communication is of a high level. I consider your level of precision to be very high.

Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, s.r.o.
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Your services are at an excellent level and based on an appropriate customer approach.

Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, s.r.o.
Jozef Bobot Process Engineer

TECH-K has drawn up the extensive and apt documentation for our employees. Overall communication about our requirements and the processing of documentation have been relatively fast performed on a high level of quality. Thanks for their professionalism.

Wienerberger slovenské tehelne, spol. s r. o.
Katarína Šuranová Security Technician

I am happy with the work of the firm TECH-K. They arrived and examined the system and the way in which it was operating. Subsequently, they have drawn up the documentation, which has been prepared very well in respect of the visual and technical aspects.

I.D.C. Holding, a.s.
Lukáš Dobrovodský Project manager

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